Parabens – Chemical Review

The cosmetic industry has gotten a lot of different publicity recently in the news.  There is a higher demand to have cruelty-free and sustainably made makeup. People want products that are good for their health, animals, and the environment.

Lush is a widely popular company that sells anything from body washes to shampoo bars.Their products are favorites among many in the zero-waste community, as they offer ethical handmade products that are minimally packaged. However, it is has been a hot topic that they use parabens in some (but not all) of their products.

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The Minimalism Challenge- Becoming Minimalist

The minimalism movement has been gaining traction recently. The Minimalists Netflix Documentary went on the most watched list, and people are realizing they don’t need to have material things in order to be content. But, knowing where to begin decluttering one’s own life and possessions can be daunting. Thankfully, there are many different resources out there, as well as different “games” to get people kick-started on their journey to minimalism.

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How I Started Purging My Closet For A Capsule Wardrobe – The Mentality Switch

Having a capsule wardrobe seems like the staple all minimalists have. As a result, when I first began my own minimalist journey, my closet was the first thing I decided to tackle. I began working through my wardrobe at a time when I lived between three homes, and I was moving constantly. Logistically, it just made sense for me to minimize how many things I needed to move from one place to another. I also was working on weight loss, so it was easy to get through some of the clothes that didn’t fit me anymore.

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Rethinking The Oceans | An Interview with Emily Nocito

Emily Nocito is a recent graduate of Stony Brook University with a degree in Coastal Sciences. Last August at the Millennium Campus Network Conference, Emily’s campaign 10 by 2020 won the ocean global campaign prize.
Emily has had a professional focus on communicating science and global change, giving talks through FameLab– a  science communications competition, and also a TedxSBU talk on the importance of Women in STEM titled “Science and Self Discovery“.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Emily about her 10 by 2020 campaign and her personal sustainability initiatives.

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Can These Plastic Bricks Save Our World | Op-Ed

INSIDER Design and some other websites have recently shared “ByFusion” with a starter program on Indigo, with the title “Transforming Plastic to Save Our Planet”. The video can be seen here.

For those of you who have not seen it, the campaign claims that they are able to take all 7 types of plastic (of which 3 are the most common to actually be recycled) and turn it into blocks that can then be fit-for-purpose with the stress on construction. The Indiegogo page talks about the plastic crisis,  where people were actually able to contribute to the business.

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