About Tara

Tara is a motivated environmental and health advocate. She is currently working toward a masters degree in environmental engineering and received her undergraduate degree in Chemistry in December 2016. Since beginning college, Tara has been involved in a plethora of on-campus student leadership roles, ranging from founding several organizations to large-scale programming and student advocacy.

However, the stress from her academics and personal life took a toll her senior year of her undergraduate, sparking an interest in minimal and intentional living. Once she realized she could take her mental and physical health into her own hands, she was able to slowly make positive changes in her lifestyle.

This is a platform to discuss and learn together about zero waste living, minimalist/simple living, health, the journey self-love, and anything in between. She hopes to cultivate social and personal changes, and constantly advocates that “no change is too small”.

About This Blog

This blog is a proud member of the Zero Waste Bloggers Network, an organization that supports and connects Zero Waste Bloggers.

This is a blog dedicated to living a more conscious lifestyle, and so this website is also as low waste as possible, too! The servers of this website are run on 100% wind energy.