About Me

My name is Tara and I try to live a waste-free/low impact lifestyle. I finished my undergraduate degree in Environmental Chemistry in December of 2016. And, starting in the Fall of 2017, I will be pursuing higher education in Environmental Engineering.  Although I have kept my major most of my undergraduate career, it was only in the January of 2016 that I really began to embark on my zero waste and minimalism journeys. Primarily, I started this blog to share my journeys with you all.

I also use this blog to use my STEM background to talk about current events and chip at the barrier between the scientific community and the environmental one. Science is constantly changing, and more often I see posts on Facebook of a thirty-second video claiming the next revolution. I want people to be informed and educated, without detracting from the facts or science.

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About This Blog

I first began blogging under the Trash-less Scientist beginning in April of 2016 to document my journies. However, as time went on, I decided that the Zero Waste Scientist was both more fitting and easier to identify and officially changed the name in December of 2016.  This blog is a proud member of the Zero Waste Bloggers Network, an organization that supports and connects Zero Waste Bloggers. I am also a proud administrator for the facebook group of ZWBN.

This is a blog dedicated to living a more conscious lifestyle, and so I wanted to make this website as low waste as possible, too! The servers of this website are run on 100% wind energy.