There Is No Ultimate Guide To Recycling

Since the number of disposables in our lives has increased, the importance of recycling has increased. However, it has also complicated the process. As you may know, only 12% of items that could be recycled, currently make it to the recycling bin. The number of items that actually get recycled is even less, and that’s where this post was supposed to come in.

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Menstrual Cup | Personal Experience

Obviously, from the title this post is about my period so if this type of conversation makes you squeamish feel free to exit this blog post! (Or maybe that means you should read this..)

In zero wasteland in zero waste world, there are many people that menstruate within it. And thus, as ask ourselves “How can we have a zero waste period?” Should we be bound to disposing of pads or tampons (and their applicators) each month? Since in this post title I talk about menstrual cups, clearly, the answer is no. But let’s talk about it.

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Rethinking The Oceans | An Interview with Emily Nocito

Emily Nocito is a recent graduate of Stony Brook University with a degree in Coastal Sciences. Last August at the Millennium Campus Network Conference, Emily’s campaign 10 by 2020 won the ocean global campaign prize.
Emily has had a professional focus on communicating science and global change, giving talks through FameLab– a ¬†science communications competition, and also a TedxSBU talk on the importance of Women in STEM titled “Science and Self Discovery“. ¬†I had the pleasure of interviewing Emily about her 10 by 2020 campaign and her personal sustainability initiatives.

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